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  4. Strong or Weak Houses in Vedic Astrology

Since the house lord being with an evil house lord is listed under annihilation, can we add the house lord being with the ruler of an angle or trine under prosperity?

Why are we looking at the lord of a house being with evil lords for annihilation or in the 10th house for prosperity lords vs houses? This is not consistent. Evil lords get in the way of that house lord to accomplish its goals. Why are we looking for the lords being with other lords for annihilation but the lord being in a house for prosperity?

Strong or Weak Houses in Vedic Astrology – Asheville Vedic Astrology

If we are deciding to do things by inferring, I am wanting to look at the lord of a house being in a benefic or evil house and also if it is with the lord of a benefic or evil house. Is this going too far? Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 4, other followers.

In this volume Parasara states what I have repeated, namely that this science comes from Vishnu to Brahma, and then down from there- it was therefore not created or discovered or found while meditating.

Yoga Anatomy: 2nd Edition

It was handed down through disciplic succession. In this scripture, we are advised to be pure and godly in order to receive this science properly, and to not pass it on to those who are not such. Of course, these days we are freely distributing this more as a tool to help direct the Western culture towards the Vedic direction.

We trust our guardians seen and unseen will be pleased with our efforts due to the motive behind them.

Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books

The Parasara Hora Scripture teaches us how to construct the main chart and the divisional or harmonic charts. There are a total of 16 charts for a person, the main one being called the "Rashi Chart" which means the basic chart of the planets and signs they are in with the rising sign noted.

Of great importance also is the primary harmonic chart which is called the "Navamsha Chart" which simply means the "chart made by dividing each sign into 9 parts".

There is a certain way to construct the divisional charts and this method is revealed in the book. All Jyotish software programs, including the one I've created, construct these charts for you. Of also great importance is the Bhava Chakra, also known as Chalit Chakra, and these names mean "chart of houses". In Vedic astrology, we generally use the whole signs as the houses.

Whatever sign was rising, that whole sign becomes the first house, no matter where in the sign the rising angle actually falls.

Vedic Astrology brought to you by Ryan Kurczak

The next sign becomes the 2nd house, and so on up to 12 houses. It's amazing how well this works despite it's simplistic sounding nature. In Jyotish we use the real zodiac, known to Western astrologers often as the "siderial zodiac". In other words, the actual stars in the zodiac are used, not the tropical zodiac which is now roughly 23 degrees off from the actual stars that make the signs.

So the main chart we use is the actual signs, where the rising sign becomes the first house, the next sign becomes the second house, and therefore whatever signs the planets were actually in at the time of the nativity determines therefore what house they are in.

For example, at the time of my birth Aries was rising at about 7 degrees. Therefore, all of Aries becomes my first house in the main chart, known as my "Rashi Chart".

Therefore Taurus is my second house, Gemini my third, and so on. Since the Sun and Mercury were in Taurus, they are automatically in my second house. So, this is very simple and straightforward. The harmonic charts, the other 15 charts that is, are constructed following various divinely revealed patters of dividing the signs into small parts, finding where the planets sit in these divisions, and thereby reassigning them to other signs.

Thus, these additional charts take shape through specified patters. Thus, a planet might be in Sagittarius in the 9th house in your main chart, but in Gemini in the first house in the Navamsa, or 9-fold divisional chart. The Vedic astrologer takes that additional placement into consideration before pronouncing judgement on the planet in the main chart.

So, there is some blending of placements which goes on in the mind of the astrologer before he speaks. After constructing the charts according to Parasara's instructions, the Vedic astrologer, or his computer program, constructs the "Dashas". These are a fundamental part of Vedic astrology which is immediately attractive to Western astrologers because it is the first and primary ingrediant of the predictive power of Vedic astrology.

By the way, when pronouncing Sanskrit words, never say the "a" as we do in the word "sat".

Chapter 1 Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra - Astrology Apprenticeship #2

There is no such sound in Indian languages. Always say the "a" as in "saw".

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Therefore, the Dashas, which refers to a list of ruling planetary periods governing distinct periods of our lives, is pronounced "daw-shaws", though don't make it too extreme in pronunciation. Just don't make the "a" sound midwestern or twangy.

Strong or Weak Houses in Vedic Astrology

There are a number of dasha systems taught in the Parasara Scripture as well as in other major works. However, by far and away the leading system both in accuracy and widespread use is the Vimshottari Dasha system, which simply means "the one that adds up to years".

This dasha system is what most astrologers use. The way a dasha system works is that it tells you how to construct a list of dated life periods and know which planets in a particular horoscope will govern each period.

Thus, you know if you are currently being ruled primarily by your Jupiter, or Saturn, etc. And beyond that, the dashas have levels. All combinations are possible, but the science of calculating these periods is divinely given, to be exactly followed, and produces wonderful results. After constructing the charts and dashas, most astrologers have what they need.

Using these principles you can determine the greatness of a person and see if they are more active in Artha material wellbeing , Kama desire , Dharma, or Moksha freedom from material living. In this course I will cover: Artha Yogas for acquiring wealth, Moksha Yogas for spirituality, Dharma Yogas for inspiration and greatness and Kama Yogas for fulfilling desires.

This course is approximately 35 hours long and thus a very complete course after which you will be able to make a reading of a horoscope using Yogas.

Course includes an extensive ebook manual and digital copies of all the charts used in the class. I n this course I expand on the meanings of the Lajjitaadi Avasthas. This course consists of 99 classes where I explain the effects of every possible Lajjitaadi Avastha.

This course is not very visual so a good course to listen to, but its also available on vidoe at www. Predictive Astrology Courses "Parashara Methods of Prediction" Predictive astrology methods can be roughly broken down into three types: